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Regener8 Power Limited is a cleantech development platform which develops and invests into renewable energy projects globally. Regener8 Power manages projects from origination through to execution ensuring the highest standards are applied early in the development process, avoiding issues and mitigating risks further up the value chain.

Our team has more than 50 years combined experience in origination, financing and construction of projects within the clean energy sector and has collectively been involved in the successful execution of more than 1 GW of clean energy projects in all the major international markets. These projects have included technologies such as Wind, Solar PV and Energy Storage.

Track record



Full cycle project development for renewable energy assets

Our core capabilities lay in sourcing, financing and developing clean energy initiatives.
Some services include:

  • Land Identification
  • Environmental and permitting assessment
  • Construction and operation cost analysis
  • Economic assessment and financial modelling

Project Development

  • Land acquisition and negotiation
  • Grid connection management
  • Planning and permitting
  • Delivery of shovel ready projects


  • Executing major construction contracts
  • Grid connection
  • Commercial Operation

Renewable energy
Generation development
Value chain

Flexygen - Solar Panels
Site identification
and assessment
Land acquisition
and negotiation
Grid connection
application and
Project financing

Years combined


Clean sector energy
successfully executed

Solar Wind Energy

Wind, Solar PV, CSP &
Energy Technologies

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