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Regener8 Power is a sustainable and ethical renewable energy company.

The company was founded in 2018 by a highly experienced team of renewable energy professionals and is headquartered in Guildford, UK. We focus on the development of high-impact solar, storage, and green hydrogen projects. We are currently focused on projects in the United Kingdom, Poland, and Italy.

We combine renewable energy, agriculture, ecology, and carbon management to maximise project impact and revenues. Through our unique development approach, which we call Regener8ive Solar, we are able to unlock additional sustainability impacts whilst increasing project revenues and also significantly increasing the chances of achieving planning success.

Our Vision

Clean Energy Infrastructure Development represents a unique opportunity to act on climate change through implementing innovative solutions, leveraging the latest technologies across agriculture, natural capital and energy systems.

Regener8 Power uses Clean Energy project development as a catalyst to quantify, measure, repair and regenerate Natural Capital (“Our Planet”) through the implementation of biodiversity enhancements and carbon management. We aim to transform traditionally undervalued Natural capital to become a highly valued asset class alondside the dependable revenues from clean energy generation.

Our vision is to create Clean Energy projects that enhance biodiversity whilst delivering tangible climate mitigation solutions. We strive to open up future investment into these innovative projects to a wider audience than currently participate.


Just because we are a clean energy company our commitment to climate change does not stop there, we are implementing this philosophy in every area of our business. Our day-to-day operations are conducted in accordance with our Code of Conduct, a UN Global Compact and International Labour Organisation (ILO) core standards-aligned policy for operating ethical and sustainability. This is completed by our four-pillar sustainability strategy, through which we aim to:

  • Help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and enhance biodiversity
  • Quantify sustainability impacts at project and corporate level
  • Eliminate all potentially negative sustainability impacts in our operations
  • Responsibly procure materials and services for the betterment of our indirect sustainability impact.
Regener8 Power is a proud partner of The Climate Coalition helping to promote sustainability within communities and support the campaign to increase the levels of awareness of climate change, the need for change and to get on track to reach net zero.
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