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150 MW in Sardinia, Italy

This 320-hectare site located in the northwest portion of the Italian island of Sardinia. The fragmented land has a history of non-irrigated farming and sheep herding, as well degraded soils, but also proximity to transmission infrastructure.

Our solution is bringing 150 MW of solar capacity and 250 GWh of annual generation to the site, while rehabilitating the overall landscape with 100 hectares under eco-management and another 140 hectares under agricultural management.

50 MW in Warwickshire, UK

This 49-MW solar-plus-storage scheme is based in Warwickshire and is a prime example of Regener8ive solar in action. As environmental effects and sensitivities were identified, the layout of the development underwent a process of optimisation to avoid or reduce potential environmental effects through careful design. The scheme, which generates over 51 GWh of electricity annually, also comprises 3.5 acres of new woodland planting, 7.4 acres of wild bird crop, and 0.65 acres of new wildlife orchard with 16 bird and bat boxes throughout the site which represent a biodiversity net gain of 110%.
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